Monday, September 21, 2009

Some ramblings

I am currently in a knitting mood. The unfortunate part of this is that there aren't enough hours in the day for me to knit all that I want. I'm coming to realize that I am not a fast knitter. I read or hear about how others are starting new projects when it seems to me that they just began the old one. And here I am, still plodding along. I get so many great ideas and I want to see them finished. And it's hard to prioritize.

Granted, I did just rip out my cabled vest and start over. It needed to be done, and this second attempt will be better and more wearable, but it still hurt. Now, I want to knit that vest until I get back to where I was before, but I forget how long it took the first time! My plan had been to slowly work on the vest and have it ready to wear this winter. I still would like for that to happen, but I have several small projects in mind and two baby sweaters for babies on the way! And I can't let my babies down! This being my last winter in Ohio (it will be!), the vest will get more wear than when I'm back in the South. Perhaps I'm over dramatizing, but that's how it seems.

Our podcast starts next Saturday. I am very unnerved. What if no one listens in? What if no one cares after they do? What if we/I suck? People can often be mean rather than helpful. K and I seem to be busy and distracted and getting more so by the minute, but I fear that if we put this off any more, we won't do the podcast at all. Sometimes you just have to make time in your life for things and rearrange. The other stuff that you weren't really doing will fall away as time goes on.

On a lighter note, I bought a single ball of Misti Alpaca Alpaca Silk DK. In red (*gasp*). It. Is. Amazing. I'm making some sort of cowl, neckwarmer with it. No particular pattern, as per my norm. I seem to be drawn to alpaca lately. And rightly so. I just wish my boss could give me an alpaca raise so that I could have more of it. Not that I would knit any faster, but I could just lay in a pile of it. That's what yarn is for, right?

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