Thursday, July 23, 2009

It must be in the water

So, it's starting to feel like everyone I know is pregnant. Our lab manager, Mona, my close friend Cheraton, Anne, and several people I knew in high school. However, with close friends being pregnant, two things immediately come to mind: 1. Baby knits, 2. Baby showers!

I have never knit any baby things, and now I feel that I must. I have downloaded several cute patterns but I don't know which ones to make. I have some I Love This Cotton that I mentioned in my last post that I probably will use for a blanket. But I want to do something special for these much-awaited babies. I'm thinking cardigans. I know that a cardigan is kind of ambitious for me, but I have several great looking patterns. Now, if I could stop traveling with these women, I could get started!

The showers, though, will take less time to plan and execute. I have been wanting to throw a party for quite awhile and now I may have two close together! When it rains, as they say.

But, back to the knitting. I'm hoping that since babies are small, I will get something like instant gratification. As instant as knitting ever is.

And then Kristen has brought up the idea of us doing a podcast again. And that's rolling around in my head. But it does make me want to knit and finish some things so I have something to talk about!

Ok, traveling tomorrow, so, TO BED!

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